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Jakarta, Wednesday, May 5 2010 Ministry of  Transportation of theRepublic of Indonesia Mr Freddy Numberi  inducted new Board of DPP ORGANDA’s functionaries for the period of 2010 to 2015.  ORGANDA National Meeting on February 2003rd, 2010 was officially elected Mrs. Eka Sari Lorena Soerbakti MBA as chairman.   On her leadership ORGANDA is targeted to achieve its Vision and Mission of the Organization namely ORGANDA shall become a Professional and Independent Organization and shall do Transformation to enhance capacity of Road Transportation business of the members as well to support the improvement of public services
The Inauguration of New Board Functionarieswas also attended by ORGANDA DPP Advisory Council, the Chairman of the DPD ORGANDA Indonesia and Partners from several institutions namely the Directorate of Land Transportation, Director of Traffic Police, the Directorate General of Bina Marga, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Commerce, Directorate General LLAJ, Jakarta Transportation Agency, the Board of Directors of Jasa Raharja,   Jasa Raharja Putra Board of Directors.  Also presented at the inaugural event, the representatives from other associations namely Chamber of Commerce (KADIN Indonesia), INSA, GAPASDAP, INACA, Otobus Companies, Body assembly companies and car manufacturers.
DPP ORGANDA’S New Functionaries is commited to providing full supports to all ORGANDA members in relation to Economic aspects, Legal, Security and Business certainty through enhanced coordination and cooperation with Government Authorities, Law enforcement Agencies, Universities, Partners and other parties related to the Road Transportation Sector.
The next coming ORGANDA will play an active role in cooperation with the Government, in providing advice and input to the Government, especially in anticipating the existence law no 22 the year 2009, so as not to burden the road transport Business People, as well as providing input to the Government in order to determine the policy of subsidized fuel usage for yellow plates vehicles to get priority for use of subsidized fuel.

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